Wednesday, May 28, 2008


As a tiny human being in this small world I believe everyone should have reasons to be here and to live on. No matter where you are, you have to agree that you are there for certain reasons willingly or unwillingly. We are here for a reason consciously, unconsciously or subconsciously.

I used to hear from one of my former superior (boss), stating and reminding me 'by nature in life, there are two matters in this world that we were unable to choose. Firstly, your parents and then your death. In between of born and death, WE HAVE CHOICES!'

We always choose to be or not to be. Sometimes we choose try to be or try not to be. Its all up to us. In terms of jobs or tasks related, we have a choice of what we really want. We are here for a reason or for a PURPOSE.

As a common Sales Personnel (SP), we are hired for very specific reasons expected by the employer. SP are hired because they can help the employer to achieve specific goals. The better achievement the higher the reward. This is 'FAIR' because employers were unable to fulfill their goals alone.

Upon hired, a SP being expected to perform up to expectation on specific tasks. As we are aware of a SP need to perform in terms of sales revenue, sales growth, increase of customers' base, increase of customers' usage, increase of brand awareness, sales collection, sales monitoring, customers satisfaction, customers service, stock clearance, promotional products clearance and so on...

However most of the SPs I came to know were able to perform up to employer's expectation. This was because SPs had a choice to perform. There were still some of the SPs who did not perform up the employers' expectation. Were these minority of SPs (non performer) choice not to perform?

What was the purpose of minority of SPs not to perform? What would ever happened to them if they were not performing repeatedly? Sadly, the blame will always be put on them as being or labelled bad SPs. A lot of bombardment put to bad SPs and i can assure that it does not feel easy at all.

Feeling bad and panic were being about to be put towards them. Non performers would press the 'panic' button.

A fresh or baby SP would not had join sales if they were just want a 'nine to five' job. They were here for a purpose. A purpose which was obviously been earning higher income compare to a 'nine to five' job. This was a very positive purpose and fresh mind they had in them as on the moment they had decided to explore sales.

However we always need a good leader to guide. A non performing SP was not the only to be blamed. They were having very positive purpose to be here. A good leader should have guided to ensure that fresh SPs are having fun while making extra money. This can be done.

Just like how a SP being hired. Sales Manager (SM) were being hired as leader to do all the monitoring of SP's tasks. Additionally SM were being paid higher to being able to lead and help SPs to perform up to expectation. The purpose of SM being hired is to monitor.

A SM to take up the job was to have a very positive purpose. SMs most important purpose is to HELP!

SMs are to help the employer to monitor SPs and to help SPs to have fun while doing it. By pleasing employer and SPs (subordinate), we can call them EFFECTIVE MANAGER. Simple reason, this SM is taking care of the result (employer's expectation) and people (sales personnel).

Sadistically, we always had a bunch of SMs who put the blame on SPs when the result or expectation had not been achieved. These SMs had no mirror to judge themselves to see how to help. They would put bombardments and pressure as if by practising this will help to improve the situation.

This is definitely not positive but just worsening the situation! Unpleasantness is happening and 'panic' button being pressed.

Have the SMs forgotten their main purpose to be here is to help as the SPs involved are in the same team. Blaming any weaknesses on non performer is equivalent to slapping yourself showing your inability or do not care to help.

If you were to know SP weaknesses, do not just blame! Improve from it as the SPs are in your team. Whatever weaknesses a SM able to point out and blame onto SP were just reflections of your own weaknesses. Why would you not have courtesy to be able to help? You have the all the courtesy to blame! And you already knew it!

To all the SMs and SPs; 'know why are you here and what are you doing.' Do our very best to make everyone feel good.

Be constructive instead of instructive. Help instead of blame. Solve instead of complain. Action instead of meetings. Justify instead of quantify. So do take care of your team and do not climb the career ladder by stepping others!

Have all of us here forgotten our 'PURPOSE'?!


Anonymous said...

when steven spilberg was a kid his mother ask her wat he want to become when he grow up. he said, to do a movie.straight away his mother bought him a video camera. same goes to michael jordan n he said wanted to b a basketball player n his mother bought him a ball.2day they r d best in their fields. do their mothers know how 2 produce a movie or play baketball.the answer is definately NO. is alex ferguson d best soccer player when he was young. NO again.
tells u what.majority of sales mgr(sm) r not a good sales personel(sp)in terms of selling skills n majority of sp will not b a good sm if they do not change their role.role of sm is very different n i strongly believe their role is to motivate. how 2 motivate is a skill tht is 2 developed. b4 u can motivate u need to's like a passion for playing soccer that makes christiano ronaldo wat he is 2day n the motivation he got makes him the very 4 yr subordinate n then motivate.when yr sp is cared, even when he make mistake n u sm take disciplinary action against him,he knows u did it to make him a better person.if u not cared then,disciplinary action wil brings forth hatred n revenge. spielberg n jordan mum r a good motivator who cares!
"do not teach your child to eat but teach them to fish"- cl

Pencilman said...

Credit must be given where and when it's due. Too often, we forgot the importance of a pat in the back for a job well done.
But be wary.. compliment must be genuine or sincere for the person receiving it will tell, sooner or later, if not immediately, if a person meant it or was just saying it.
A SM's skill lies not in his ability to sell but in his people's skills. Be willing to die for us, and we will be willing to die for you.
There is NO two ways to look at it!

juz a human said...

totally agree pencilmen. u r truly a wise men!all is about human touch
wether u r a sm,parents, lover n etc!

Anonymous said...

Is all boils down to individual's personality, which is an important part to help shape its destiny. I fully agree what gy said, but heres a chinese proverb, saying: before u command a country, one must first learn to control ownself.

pussie cat said...

there is ALWAYS 2 ways to look in to it..
wat ever SM do is to beneficial to SP. But a lots of SP say this is a burden to them. May be this is because the way SM presented is wrong. As a SP, we should absord the only good points but not the bad points. As a SM they should be open minded to listen the comment of their SP's, and improve themself in order to perfrom better, not to be think themself is the best..
Anyway im not sure wat m i writing here as well..
Hail to great SP's

pak lim said...

I personnally think that to have better working evironment we need more than two ways to look at it and more than two ways to make it happened...

I will hail to anyone who always make an effort to make things happen...

We can always learn of how we make things happen so we will make positive things to happen!

So i defintiely think there are more than two ways to look at this... there are more than two ways to work on it...

I totally aware what I am typing here and I am not drunk... states a drunk person will tell the best truth while drunk...

Equilibrium said...

I once heard someone said this;

"The manager/supervisor is just as good as the worst performing subordinates/sales personnels in the team"

Now the purpose of a captain of the ship is to help and direct the crew to carry out their duties in order to bring the ship succeessfully to the destinations with everyone on boards.