Saturday, May 31, 2008


This is amazing. This is wonderful. This is miracle.

So as all of us can understand that miracle does happen. As my point of view miracle happens all the time. Amazing moments in our daily life are just wonderful. As we venture our daily life (which is not routine) we can observe amazing moments which are wonderful, do happen.

However many of us takes miracle as surprises. As been mentioned before, not even one single of our daily lives happened by routine. A second lost is a second will never be gained back, ever. Today is 2ND June 2008 and it can happen only for once, nothing more.

Since we can never turn back time (at current wisdom of science and technology), we should be living our life with a lot of appreciations and treasure it smartly. We just need to appreciate our surroundings, appreciate our colleagues, appreciate our friends, appreciate our family members, the drink we are enjoying, trees, animals and everything is just enjoyable...

Every moment is so enjoyable and you will enjoy more when you can enjoy it... Yes... you can enjoy it.

As long as we have wonderful mind or visions on matters, it will happen. As things or matters arise constantly on our life but if we to have a mind to see it and participate it positively, I believe it will be wonderful. It will be amazing and it is miracle.

As my sales team and I were approaching end of the month of May 2008, and as we are a sales team, we were facing challenges of not achieving our company's expectation (sales budget). Sales budget for month of May 2008 should be accomplished by 31st May 2008.

Due to unforeseen circumstances during the month, we were facing circumstances of being non performer as a team. Part (part of the brain) of the sales team members do not think we will achieve it. Hence for some personal interest issue, sales team members will focus on securing future sales (i. e. June 2008's sales) naturally which will affect negatively on current month's sales.

On a more simplified sentence... 'part of us have just given up'... This situation worsen when we were approaching last working day of the month.

As a believer of 'when there is a will, there is a way', we always constantly reminding the sales team to visualise what would you like to be at end of each sales call... where would you like to be at end of the month... what do you think you can do better to get you to where you want to be...

Our conversations starts with 'at the end of the day, it is what you want to be and if you achieve what you want... I suppose you are happy (because you accomplished what you want)'... Our sentence will end with 'when you are happy with the(your) outcome, I will be as happy as you'.

So back to the sales issue... It was in my mind that I need a miracle to make things happen to what is needed. I need miracle for my team to perform up to company's expectation.

Miracle does happen and it is happening all the while. With the will and mind power, our sales team managed to perform and achieve sales budget given.

This will be kind of short as there are three points that i would like to share on how this miracle happened:

  1. We want it as a team and together we start to think of ways to achieve it
  2. We do things 'the way(s)' to achieve it because in our mind we want to do it
  3. We work for a miracle to happen

By having a right mind set, we were working towards the right direction. Every input is so well focused on what need to be done to get there. So the actions are all towards the end results.

You may say that we can have this 'so positive' mind set at every beginning of the month and nobody will ever fail. However, I would like to make a point that we can always do the planning and there are always some unforeseen circumstances. There are always challenges.

More importantly, the will to ensure success for the month must be there even before the battle starts. It must be there too while battling as we will definitely go through tough challenges.

As long as there is a will to achieve, we will achieve it. Unforeseen circumstances is for unforeseen actions/reactions but the ultimate goal must not be forgotten.

Most importantly, every team members have the same mind and have the will. The will to work for miracle. This miracle happened because every single team members contributed, put and played their parts towards it.

Miracle will not happen if we do not have the will for miracle. Miracle is workable. Work for your miracle. Make miracle happens.

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juzahuman said...

congrats 2 yr team,
definately tis is a team spirit n wat pencilman said " u willing 2 die 4 us we all willing 2 die 4u!~
there,s lot of sacrifes to make. wait 4 my post on jose n what he did right when he 1st came to english football.