Tuesday, May 27, 2008


In today's business world, we are subject to grow for the company we work with. As all of us understand that the world is always changing and growing. At times we do not realise that the world is changing or growing faster than we can adapt.

As most of the people I know are employee of company, we are always prepared and expected the company we work at to press a 'more' button every new financial year. The button pressed is always 'more' which means growth. As employee (sales department), we have to deliver up to company's expectation.

One very simple matter I am unable to clarify is that growth expected by a company is always to a company only. I am referring to sales revenue and profit of an organisation. An organisation or company wanted growth on sales revenue and profit.

The so called unattended matter is 'how about we grow together ?' Why are we not (company to employees) been said something like in the movie TITANIC which says 'you jump, i jump.' An organisation or company should have say something similar to employees like 'you grow, i grow.'

A boss or an head of an organisation do say something to employees to grow together. However, as i understand the growth a boss wanted is always bigger a few folds of an employee in terms of percentage. We could be receiving three to five percent increment of salary yearly but the growth we contributed, contributing and will contribute to organisation or our boss/bosses is definitely higher!

To be fair to boss or bosses, we have to understand that he or she is taking risks. The risks involved as i could think of at this moment are time and money. As for time, all human being of the world has nothing more than 86, 400 seconds (24 hours) a day. Which nobody will ever complain or doubt someone else has more. There are differences of every human being in terms of money.

Money invested are being expected to have good returns. That is why the risks involved are justifiable with the potential return. And with money, an organisation is able to purchase time from people.

The ultimate goal of investors of any organisation is very simple. They just want to see how much growth can be made from their investment. The best is, 'to continue to have significant growth with current investment.'

This mind set as mentioned above do affect this changing and growing world. This is because it will not make people (employees) feel good. People are not been rewarded accordingly. Not because they do not deserve it. Just because investors are happy with the return of current investment.

A better reward or additional investment for the people will be injected or implemented whenever things are not happened accordingly. Corrections will be made when growth is not happening. This is very pathetic for employees as they are not been rewarded according to contributions.

A betterment for the people will only happen when bad things happened, why are not the bosses not take this risk. Risk of losing competent people in an organisation. When they are good people in your organisation, investors should have a responsibility to grow with the people.

Implement things to make the people in an organisation to grow. Make sure the people are being rewarded, rewarded accordingly. Make the people work with bosses and not for bosses. Make people to be happy. When people are happy, they feel good. People will work and deliver the best when they feel at best.

Investors will have their investment growth whenever they are able to make people in their organisation as happy as them. People in your organisation will work and act like an investor. When people been rewarded accordingly they will feel that they are not been taken for granted. Nobody is a fool and nobody is willing not to be appreciated.

I would suggest to employers to act like how Manchester United football club (MUFC) to strengthen their team. MUFC never fail to reward accordingly. Changes been made constantly and this can be obvious with the team members played in the final of European Champion of 2008 and 1999. Ryan Giggs is the only player played in both finals.

It is obvious Ryan Giggs is been rewarded according to his contributions and he is happy. A competent player or people is around to grow together with the club. A best feeling people will deliver its best.


Pencilman said...

what a provocative first post. lol.
it is almost inevitable for company to underreward the employees because that would slow down their growth. none of us can expect 20% increment even if that is the company's growth but at least it must be quite justified.
however, they should really refrain from reducing our benefit, ie our commission cos we definitely work our ass off to deserve that.
i think my current company not too bad but they are heading corporate. what is corporate? i did telemarketing for a bank once. they keep reducing basic pay and comission even though the department is growing. cut down cost liddat so they can reflect higher profit. what bulls.
most seniors were so irked they left and take their customers with them. now that is stoopid.
heh heh.. guess who.

Anonymous said...

rrga"nobody cares what you know until you cares for them"- zig ziglar
a very true words fr a world renowned motivational speaker. if you r a sales mgr n does not care much bout yr subordinates n u really knws a lot of things ppl will say u r arrogant n trying to show off. but when u cares for them, they will say u r a wise men n will always asking 4 yr advise. c d difference.likewise 4 mgmt tis is d only way to treat yr employees!great article fr u man

Equilibrium said...

In Mathematic equations :

Investors => Investment = Profit

Mgmt => Profit = Revenue - Cost

Revenue comes from actual sales. It can be anticipated by projected sales growth. Other factors that may affect revenue are government policies, market sentiments on pricing, supply and demand.

Costs covers a wider scope and involves fix and variable costs. Human power comes under variable cost.

So employees' rewards in term of pays and benefits in kind come under variable cost.

So if the company is doing extremely well ie achieving high profit through high sales growth then it is wise for the company to reward the people back for the job well done.

Pak Lim said...

i agree totally with equilibrium... however it is not happening with what i am seeing around...

Besides incentives... Reward can be in many forms... for example an organisation can provide free interests on housing loan... Employees work for a living and we will buy house eventually... We will be paying hefty of interest to banks for housing loan...

At the end of our working life we work for banks actually... So it is wise when a company reward us so to make us aware we work for ourselves and for the company...

Equilibrium said...

Ah yes pak lim...in fact I would say the welfare of employees should be the responsibility of the employers.

I am sure many employees would be happy if their employers could provide at least a subsidized housing loan or car loan interest scheme. But again many employers are reluctant to provide such benefit as it would affect the profit and loss of the company.

Sad to say it is often to the disadvantage of employees if companies choose to increase profit as from the equation we can deduce that the increase of profit comes by increasing the growth/revenue or/and reducing cost(variable cost);

Projected Sales Growth =>Increase
Operating Costs/Benefits-in-kind =>Decrease

pak lim said...

Whatever it is to be happened... Employer should have realise that whithout people there is no company... It is just like a family...

You can have whatever percentage you are growing but you must know that it is the people who really make your company... You have to be competitive to attract quality and competent people to your family...

Employer always say that they tend to lose quality people and this cannot be avoided... Of course, this is competitive business world... Companies which are willing to change for better will be seeking competent people continuously high and low... The best part is they are willing to invest on people...

Everything is happening and cannot be avoided... The questions is what are we doing about it... Lets hope that employers are not stupid to believe by not investing whole heartedly and hope for a best outcome...