Thursday, May 29, 2008


Not so long ago, a man likes a girl living in the neighbourhood. He expressed his feeling to this sweet girl. Sadly, this sweet young girl did not accept his feeling towards her.

This man thinks to himself of why he was not accepted. He has decided to write to the girl to express his feeling again. The girl did not respond to him.

This man think again and decided to write more letters. Due to no respond from the girl, this man write letters to her daily! What a persistent guy he is!

One fine day, the young girl is getting married. She looks like she has found someone who she thinks is the Mister Right. She is marrying to a postman!

This is kind of funny story but it does really happen. Opportunities were there for the man but the postman grabbed it. Or is it opportunities been given to the postman to meet up and seeing the young girl more often?

I learnt a lot from this story. One of it is persistence does really help. From this story the opportunity has been given to the postman to see and approach the girl daily.

If there is a chance to be face to face. It is up to us to choose the approach. Choose to approach it to be just a postman or make this sweet young girl to be your wife. Of course, we can choose many other things as well.

Whenever we have a vision of what we would like to be. We ought to achieve it. At bottom line is, do we have visions on our daily life?

Paul Arden did shared in one of his books stating 'do not look for the next opportunity, the one you have in hand is the opportunity.'

So opportunity is happening every now and then. If we as a Sales Personnel, whenever we have the opportunity to be face to face with a prospect, we need a right approach.

A right approach is to have a right vision before hand. As Zig Ziglar says 'no one cares what you know until you care about them.' We have to really understand what do we want.

To start a day. If we were to have a right attitude and conditioning our mind to enjoy for the day. We ought to get it. It does not take more than few seconds to have positive condition in our mind.

Just think of good taste of toothpaste, think of today is money making day, think of what you can do to make other people's day as good as you, think of how fortunate I am, think of how healthy I am, to be able to work, to meet people, to make corrections, to make other people's day great and countless of positive matters we can always think of.

With the positive mind set for the day, it will lead us with to a positive approach. Of course vice versa if we have different mind set.

In an corporate organisation, there is a structure to show positions of superiors and subordinates. Subordinates will have to report and answerable to superiors. And of course a right approach is needed from everyone in order to achieve friendly and positive atmosphere.

With a positive mind set to achieve a positive environment. All parties need to be working together. However a positive approach from a subordinate would not always be responded positively from superiors.

Why is this happening? For a very simple reason i can think of is the superior do not have a positive mind set TODAY! The superior do not intend to make today a great day for everyone!

Of course some people who is superior always think that with the arrogant and fear approach will make people to perform better. In today's business world it is no longer supported.

To a superior, sometimes they think that they need to show some arrogant, proud or 'that is why you are still down there and I am up here' kind of look to all the subordinates.

A very exciting day and looking forward to be a great day might not be realised as the superior is having different mind set.

If someone is feeling good, make them feel better. You as a superior will definitely to enjoy the success of positive team spirit. Being moody or showing temper do not help you getting better results but just turning off people from contributing extra.

On the other hand if a subordinate do not have the right mind set for the day, a superior need to have right approach and responsibilities to motivate and encourage them to be excited and positive. That is why they are superior than us in term of a corporate structure.

That is why they are up there and we are at still down here.

To a prospect that we are facing (sales), we need to be excited and encouraging 'to make customers their day.' The customers will perform (buy) better when they feel great.

We do not go to JUSCO or TESCO to have a bad day. We go there to enjoy ourselves. Our day will be filled with enjoyment whenever we are there. This is JUSCO and TESCO approach towards people.

A good pay is not everything what the people looking for. People are looking for a good approach from every part of an organisation.

It is not how good you are, it is how good you want to be.

Know where you want to be and apply the appropriate approach.


pussie cat said...

there is 2 ways to look in to it..
be a winner or losser..

juz a human said...

What is on earth is a reflection of what is in heaven (super natural),trust me.Talking about corporate structure this i what you'll see in heaven,if one day you have an opportunity to step into the super natural.In the supernatural, there is heaven, earth and hell. God is the CEO, angels are the Managers,Human the employees and lastly devils the bad character employees. If the structure is such, then it'll be a very harmonious place to work even though not perfect.Even heaven is not perfect because there is devils disturbing but they are just a minority group and does not take full control.The structure will go haywire if devil is the CEO.There are 4 supernatural powers that is God ,Angels,Human and devils.3 of it belongs to the good and form the majorities and only 1 are bad.Imagine the bad one(devil) is at top and takes full control.It never happens because he'll be topple one day because he is the minority.Thats why the world we live in have more good things to offer than bad because God is at top and in full control and the good ones form the majority.So in corporate world there will only be one CEO(GOD), few Managers(ANGELS),more subordinates(Humans)and few devils(bad character employees).Are you convinced now corporate structure is a reflection of what is in the super natural? Your own experience will tell. Most companies went wrong when managers (angels) do not play their role. Role of angels in heaven is to guard the humans from harm and to report to God what the humans have done on earth. When managers harm the subordinates, they are taking the role of devils.The role of devils is to harm and destroy the humans.This is where a bit of chaos will happen. Dear all, know what your position is and play according to your role.Role of humans is to do good and help your fellow humans so that one day you'll be rewarded by God.

Anonymous said...

i agree with what are u said very good!

Pak Lim said...

Lets pull out those harming manager away from heaven. Send them somewhere else. Just make sure they are not in heaven.

To look at this... how many ways?

Anonymous said...

There always will be 2 ways to look at it.....

angel gabriel said...

devils are actually angels in the 1st place. they r been thrown out to hell bcos of sins.

Pencilman said...
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Pencilman said...

Juzahuman's comparison of the corporate structure to Heaven is mind-boggling. I have never thought of that or read such a concept before. Incredible.

As GY puts it, persistence helps but it must be persistence with the correct approaches / methods.

The next question we ought to ask ourselves is the integrity of the approach we chose.

Using the simple story of of boy meets girl, boy likes girl, let's look at another scenario.

Two boys going after the same girl and are well aware of each others. One is honest and he went after her with sincerity. He cared for her well being, always try not to put her in a difficult position, went out with her whenever he can and have a good time. He hoped that when the girl makes her choice, it will be the right one for her. Boy no 2 is equally persistent, if not more. But he also take one extra step. If he knows the girl is due to meet the first boy, he try to sabotage the outing. Once he gathered a group of ex-colleagues and the group insisted to meet her, on the same night she was to have dinner with the first guy. Another time, despite she declining to watch a movie with him because she already promised the first guy, he went ahead, bought the tickets and used it as an excuse that his friend bought them for him. LIAR. And he has the nerve to tell her, he doesn't care who she choose as long as she is happy. He really meant he doesn't wants anyone to have her other than himself. The first guy has only himself to blame because he is so stupid. This is not a TV show. The good guys do not always win.

So the second guy, with persistance and strategy thrown in, won the war but did he wins it with integrity? He may knows how to keep her happy but he already deny her the chance to reach even greater happiness that the first guy could possibly gives. Problem is he doesn't cares.. he already won. That is all that matter to him.

I am proud that in my circle of friends, I do not have (or at least I don't think I have) a friend who would resort to such lowness. So there.. be persistent, choose your approach but make sure you do it with honesty and integrity.

juzahuman said...

i fully agree wif pencilman. dun resort to dirty tactics to win especially in tackling girls. u may win dirty but in the end u will b an ultimate loser. there's no 2 way to look at it in tis matter. if u think got 2 ways might as well jump into sea.

pak lim said...

It takes two hands to clap... One hand to bang a table... Banging table is louder that clapping hands, disregardless of one hand bang or two hand bang...

My point of view is everything happened, happening and will happen for greater good...

This does not sound very good but it is good...

I am still trying my very best to extract what is good for the cyclone and earthquake that happened recently...

Bullrunner said...

Good job man, keep it up and please do not stop inspiring the people in this world. I think the people out there (like myself) are truly inspire by you to go for what they meant to do in their life. I had also decided to post this in my blog to help you to pass on the message to everyone who visit my blog. You are truly a great philosopher.

Clarence Low said...

Hey man Peter Chin i read throught everything that you wrote ( im not sure you are the write or not)
But i believe you still got something you want to achieve in life which you cant complete right now .But however i believe REAL MAN will do it anyway..You got what it takes.Just Do IT.

clarence Low