Saturday, May 31, 2008


This is amazing. This is wonderful. This is miracle.

So as all of us can understand that miracle does happen. As my point of view miracle happens all the time. Amazing moments in our daily life are just wonderful. As we venture our daily life (which is not routine) we can observe amazing moments which are wonderful, do happen.

However many of us takes miracle as surprises. As been mentioned before, not even one single of our daily lives happened by routine. A second lost is a second will never be gained back, ever. Today is 2ND June 2008 and it can happen only for once, nothing more.

Since we can never turn back time (at current wisdom of science and technology), we should be living our life with a lot of appreciations and treasure it smartly. We just need to appreciate our surroundings, appreciate our colleagues, appreciate our friends, appreciate our family members, the drink we are enjoying, trees, animals and everything is just enjoyable...

Every moment is so enjoyable and you will enjoy more when you can enjoy it... Yes... you can enjoy it.

As long as we have wonderful mind or visions on matters, it will happen. As things or matters arise constantly on our life but if we to have a mind to see it and participate it positively, I believe it will be wonderful. It will be amazing and it is miracle.

As my sales team and I were approaching end of the month of May 2008, and as we are a sales team, we were facing challenges of not achieving our company's expectation (sales budget). Sales budget for month of May 2008 should be accomplished by 31st May 2008.

Due to unforeseen circumstances during the month, we were facing circumstances of being non performer as a team. Part (part of the brain) of the sales team members do not think we will achieve it. Hence for some personal interest issue, sales team members will focus on securing future sales (i. e. June 2008's sales) naturally which will affect negatively on current month's sales.

On a more simplified sentence... 'part of us have just given up'... This situation worsen when we were approaching last working day of the month.

As a believer of 'when there is a will, there is a way', we always constantly reminding the sales team to visualise what would you like to be at end of each sales call... where would you like to be at end of the month... what do you think you can do better to get you to where you want to be...

Our conversations starts with 'at the end of the day, it is what you want to be and if you achieve what you want... I suppose you are happy (because you accomplished what you want)'... Our sentence will end with 'when you are happy with the(your) outcome, I will be as happy as you'.

So back to the sales issue... It was in my mind that I need a miracle to make things happen to what is needed. I need miracle for my team to perform up to company's expectation.

Miracle does happen and it is happening all the while. With the will and mind power, our sales team managed to perform and achieve sales budget given.

This will be kind of short as there are three points that i would like to share on how this miracle happened:

  1. We want it as a team and together we start to think of ways to achieve it
  2. We do things 'the way(s)' to achieve it because in our mind we want to do it
  3. We work for a miracle to happen

By having a right mind set, we were working towards the right direction. Every input is so well focused on what need to be done to get there. So the actions are all towards the end results.

You may say that we can have this 'so positive' mind set at every beginning of the month and nobody will ever fail. However, I would like to make a point that we can always do the planning and there are always some unforeseen circumstances. There are always challenges.

More importantly, the will to ensure success for the month must be there even before the battle starts. It must be there too while battling as we will definitely go through tough challenges.

As long as there is a will to achieve, we will achieve it. Unforeseen circumstances is for unforeseen actions/reactions but the ultimate goal must not be forgotten.

Most importantly, every team members have the same mind and have the will. The will to work for miracle. This miracle happened because every single team members contributed, put and played their parts towards it.

Miracle will not happen if we do not have the will for miracle. Miracle is workable. Work for your miracle. Make miracle happens.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Not so long ago, a man likes a girl living in the neighbourhood. He expressed his feeling to this sweet girl. Sadly, this sweet young girl did not accept his feeling towards her.

This man thinks to himself of why he was not accepted. He has decided to write to the girl to express his feeling again. The girl did not respond to him.

This man think again and decided to write more letters. Due to no respond from the girl, this man write letters to her daily! What a persistent guy he is!

One fine day, the young girl is getting married. She looks like she has found someone who she thinks is the Mister Right. She is marrying to a postman!

This is kind of funny story but it does really happen. Opportunities were there for the man but the postman grabbed it. Or is it opportunities been given to the postman to meet up and seeing the young girl more often?

I learnt a lot from this story. One of it is persistence does really help. From this story the opportunity has been given to the postman to see and approach the girl daily.

If there is a chance to be face to face. It is up to us to choose the approach. Choose to approach it to be just a postman or make this sweet young girl to be your wife. Of course, we can choose many other things as well.

Whenever we have a vision of what we would like to be. We ought to achieve it. At bottom line is, do we have visions on our daily life?

Paul Arden did shared in one of his books stating 'do not look for the next opportunity, the one you have in hand is the opportunity.'

So opportunity is happening every now and then. If we as a Sales Personnel, whenever we have the opportunity to be face to face with a prospect, we need a right approach.

A right approach is to have a right vision before hand. As Zig Ziglar says 'no one cares what you know until you care about them.' We have to really understand what do we want.

To start a day. If we were to have a right attitude and conditioning our mind to enjoy for the day. We ought to get it. It does not take more than few seconds to have positive condition in our mind.

Just think of good taste of toothpaste, think of today is money making day, think of what you can do to make other people's day as good as you, think of how fortunate I am, think of how healthy I am, to be able to work, to meet people, to make corrections, to make other people's day great and countless of positive matters we can always think of.

With the positive mind set for the day, it will lead us with to a positive approach. Of course vice versa if we have different mind set.

In an corporate organisation, there is a structure to show positions of superiors and subordinates. Subordinates will have to report and answerable to superiors. And of course a right approach is needed from everyone in order to achieve friendly and positive atmosphere.

With a positive mind set to achieve a positive environment. All parties need to be working together. However a positive approach from a subordinate would not always be responded positively from superiors.

Why is this happening? For a very simple reason i can think of is the superior do not have a positive mind set TODAY! The superior do not intend to make today a great day for everyone!

Of course some people who is superior always think that with the arrogant and fear approach will make people to perform better. In today's business world it is no longer supported.

To a superior, sometimes they think that they need to show some arrogant, proud or 'that is why you are still down there and I am up here' kind of look to all the subordinates.

A very exciting day and looking forward to be a great day might not be realised as the superior is having different mind set.

If someone is feeling good, make them feel better. You as a superior will definitely to enjoy the success of positive team spirit. Being moody or showing temper do not help you getting better results but just turning off people from contributing extra.

On the other hand if a subordinate do not have the right mind set for the day, a superior need to have right approach and responsibilities to motivate and encourage them to be excited and positive. That is why they are superior than us in term of a corporate structure.

That is why they are up there and we are at still down here.

To a prospect that we are facing (sales), we need to be excited and encouraging 'to make customers their day.' The customers will perform (buy) better when they feel great.

We do not go to JUSCO or TESCO to have a bad day. We go there to enjoy ourselves. Our day will be filled with enjoyment whenever we are there. This is JUSCO and TESCO approach towards people.

A good pay is not everything what the people looking for. People are looking for a good approach from every part of an organisation.

It is not how good you are, it is how good you want to be.

Know where you want to be and apply the appropriate approach.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


As a tiny human being in this small world I believe everyone should have reasons to be here and to live on. No matter where you are, you have to agree that you are there for certain reasons willingly or unwillingly. We are here for a reason consciously, unconsciously or subconsciously.

I used to hear from one of my former superior (boss), stating and reminding me 'by nature in life, there are two matters in this world that we were unable to choose. Firstly, your parents and then your death. In between of born and death, WE HAVE CHOICES!'

We always choose to be or not to be. Sometimes we choose try to be or try not to be. Its all up to us. In terms of jobs or tasks related, we have a choice of what we really want. We are here for a reason or for a PURPOSE.

As a common Sales Personnel (SP), we are hired for very specific reasons expected by the employer. SP are hired because they can help the employer to achieve specific goals. The better achievement the higher the reward. This is 'FAIR' because employers were unable to fulfill their goals alone.

Upon hired, a SP being expected to perform up to expectation on specific tasks. As we are aware of a SP need to perform in terms of sales revenue, sales growth, increase of customers' base, increase of customers' usage, increase of brand awareness, sales collection, sales monitoring, customers satisfaction, customers service, stock clearance, promotional products clearance and so on...

However most of the SPs I came to know were able to perform up to employer's expectation. This was because SPs had a choice to perform. There were still some of the SPs who did not perform up the employers' expectation. Were these minority of SPs (non performer) choice not to perform?

What was the purpose of minority of SPs not to perform? What would ever happened to them if they were not performing repeatedly? Sadly, the blame will always be put on them as being or labelled bad SPs. A lot of bombardment put to bad SPs and i can assure that it does not feel easy at all.

Feeling bad and panic were being about to be put towards them. Non performers would press the 'panic' button.

A fresh or baby SP would not had join sales if they were just want a 'nine to five' job. They were here for a purpose. A purpose which was obviously been earning higher income compare to a 'nine to five' job. This was a very positive purpose and fresh mind they had in them as on the moment they had decided to explore sales.

However we always need a good leader to guide. A non performing SP was not the only to be blamed. They were having very positive purpose to be here. A good leader should have guided to ensure that fresh SPs are having fun while making extra money. This can be done.

Just like how a SP being hired. Sales Manager (SM) were being hired as leader to do all the monitoring of SP's tasks. Additionally SM were being paid higher to being able to lead and help SPs to perform up to expectation. The purpose of SM being hired is to monitor.

A SM to take up the job was to have a very positive purpose. SMs most important purpose is to HELP!

SMs are to help the employer to monitor SPs and to help SPs to have fun while doing it. By pleasing employer and SPs (subordinate), we can call them EFFECTIVE MANAGER. Simple reason, this SM is taking care of the result (employer's expectation) and people (sales personnel).

Sadistically, we always had a bunch of SMs who put the blame on SPs when the result or expectation had not been achieved. These SMs had no mirror to judge themselves to see how to help. They would put bombardments and pressure as if by practising this will help to improve the situation.

This is definitely not positive but just worsening the situation! Unpleasantness is happening and 'panic' button being pressed.

Have the SMs forgotten their main purpose to be here is to help as the SPs involved are in the same team. Blaming any weaknesses on non performer is equivalent to slapping yourself showing your inability or do not care to help.

If you were to know SP weaknesses, do not just blame! Improve from it as the SPs are in your team. Whatever weaknesses a SM able to point out and blame onto SP were just reflections of your own weaknesses. Why would you not have courtesy to be able to help? You have the all the courtesy to blame! And you already knew it!

To all the SMs and SPs; 'know why are you here and what are you doing.' Do our very best to make everyone feel good.

Be constructive instead of instructive. Help instead of blame. Solve instead of complain. Action instead of meetings. Justify instead of quantify. So do take care of your team and do not climb the career ladder by stepping others!

Have all of us here forgotten our 'PURPOSE'?!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


In today's business world, we are subject to grow for the company we work with. As all of us understand that the world is always changing and growing. At times we do not realise that the world is changing or growing faster than we can adapt.

As most of the people I know are employee of company, we are always prepared and expected the company we work at to press a 'more' button every new financial year. The button pressed is always 'more' which means growth. As employee (sales department), we have to deliver up to company's expectation.

One very simple matter I am unable to clarify is that growth expected by a company is always to a company only. I am referring to sales revenue and profit of an organisation. An organisation or company wanted growth on sales revenue and profit.

The so called unattended matter is 'how about we grow together ?' Why are we not (company to employees) been said something like in the movie TITANIC which says 'you jump, i jump.' An organisation or company should have say something similar to employees like 'you grow, i grow.'

A boss or an head of an organisation do say something to employees to grow together. However, as i understand the growth a boss wanted is always bigger a few folds of an employee in terms of percentage. We could be receiving three to five percent increment of salary yearly but the growth we contributed, contributing and will contribute to organisation or our boss/bosses is definitely higher!

To be fair to boss or bosses, we have to understand that he or she is taking risks. The risks involved as i could think of at this moment are time and money. As for time, all human being of the world has nothing more than 86, 400 seconds (24 hours) a day. Which nobody will ever complain or doubt someone else has more. There are differences of every human being in terms of money.

Money invested are being expected to have good returns. That is why the risks involved are justifiable with the potential return. And with money, an organisation is able to purchase time from people.

The ultimate goal of investors of any organisation is very simple. They just want to see how much growth can be made from their investment. The best is, 'to continue to have significant growth with current investment.'

This mind set as mentioned above do affect this changing and growing world. This is because it will not make people (employees) feel good. People are not been rewarded accordingly. Not because they do not deserve it. Just because investors are happy with the return of current investment.

A better reward or additional investment for the people will be injected or implemented whenever things are not happened accordingly. Corrections will be made when growth is not happening. This is very pathetic for employees as they are not been rewarded according to contributions.

A betterment for the people will only happen when bad things happened, why are not the bosses not take this risk. Risk of losing competent people in an organisation. When they are good people in your organisation, investors should have a responsibility to grow with the people.

Implement things to make the people in an organisation to grow. Make sure the people are being rewarded, rewarded accordingly. Make the people work with bosses and not for bosses. Make people to be happy. When people are happy, they feel good. People will work and deliver the best when they feel at best.

Investors will have their investment growth whenever they are able to make people in their organisation as happy as them. People in your organisation will work and act like an investor. When people been rewarded accordingly they will feel that they are not been taken for granted. Nobody is a fool and nobody is willing not to be appreciated.

I would suggest to employers to act like how Manchester United football club (MUFC) to strengthen their team. MUFC never fail to reward accordingly. Changes been made constantly and this can be obvious with the team members played in the final of European Champion of 2008 and 1999. Ryan Giggs is the only player played in both finals.

It is obvious Ryan Giggs is been rewarded according to his contributions and he is happy. A competent player or people is around to grow together with the club. A best feeling people will deliver its best.